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Week 3: Tidying the room is more troublesome than I ever imagined, manage to remove the file cabinet but damaged a lot of goods along the way. The train is not doing well, sent to expert..may need to wait 3-8 months AGAIN. My worrisome fears have come to fruition, Sapphire is trapped, Amethyst is struggling, Ruby MIGHT be doing her job but there’s a high chance she could be our fourth admin. Going to begin Encoding members in formations of Jewels and minerals. Project Aurora is at a standstill. Squirel feeder has been broken apart and enlarged, Members are now bickering against each other as I am now dealing with administration issues. Lost a friend due to Political and Arguements about my living conditions.  Noticing alot of stress due to lack of nourishment and Sleep. Sold some items after creating professional “like” made buttons, but sales might be slippage.

Success (Bonus +20 xp if all 7)
Total Experience


Convention Survival, Background Artwork
one comission price being paid off