THE SECOND GENIE for Demitri to have, not to mention the second woman to cause more troubles in future adventures ahead. Would love to give my humble thanks to my friend lyn. A very wonderful and supportive friend. I want to apologized for again, PUSHING forward to getting her appearance made but I wanted it catch up as soon as I could v_v

I remember someone told me that there were three types of genies, one that is involved with devils, one that was made out of purest elementals and one that is transformed from cursed relics. This one is involved with an element so she will need a lot of teachings from its masterJUST SO WE ARE CLEAR, She might be kinda naked, but the fact she is still retaining her form means something. It's kinda like baking a cookie! Eventually this series will have to be graded so be warned if your not into this sort of thing. 

It seems Crystal has givin way to much though on making Milk explode!.. Girl has to vent somehow o_o!?