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Slowly trying to finished chapter 6 due to work and overflow of behind scheduleness... but it seems topaz has had enough with the product that she is now going to add a curse

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sad to say, Scarlet isn't the most experience genie.. given she has a many year starts then moo, she still doesn't know how to conjure spells. Even if she tries her best to cater for your needs, she somehow screws up.. BIG TIME!

The worse part about having a recall item is when someone else made a review about it and EVERYONE knows how bad a product can become!

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A vacant vessel is like a sealed pack of pokemon cards. They are very rare to find and once used, it cannot be undone!

it seems iso is now having massive problems trying to sell that genie girl. All will be explained on chapter 7. For now, just understand how much iso has issues with selling.