gotta admit, this girl does look amazing on how the opalite is being attached

seems whatever she had in store, has to wait! Demitri is a bit concern however so there has to be a good reason why he did this!

WOW.. jessica is that desperate for anything to have her ways onto him. Yeah I know it's valentines day.. really am sorry for not drawing something special but alot has happened at my house that I hadto take care of ( exploding faucet.. and ANTS)

So Demitri thinks of them nothing more than his precious anime figures, but his reaction has more than just speechless words. Something happened to the way he views women and he is afraid to admit it!… happy #PalindromeDay Day everyone. a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forwarding. Ex: Girafarig or Alomomola pokemon enjoy this wonderful #genie #mirror #backside Drawing

PLEASE NOTE YOU HAVE TO BE 18 years of age to see this. So if anyone is wondering, the Milk was an obvious choice of their breasts sizes but as for the eggs, it was based off from those tapioca / boba tea places. I once have mistaken tobiko sushi as the same thing with boba but turns out it's not and it is incredibly salty. So if that were the case, the genies version would be sweet instead! ( in case if anyone is interested >_>!) Viewer discretion is highly advised

Now that the story continues, I wanted to thank everyone who has supposed me throughout these past months. I hope You will continue to love this series as it is now going to be going over the safe boundaries! this comic is going to be NSFW!

Happy birthday Crystal.. celebrating my Original Character after 20 years!.....

it seems the girls are going to need a bit of some holiday magic of their own!

It seems Saphaia has found the theif.. and is that asriel dressed as SANTA!?.. is he taking part time job?