There was a time when i had a nice old computer. Donated and givin to me for free. THEN after windows 8 happen, things began to fall apart. Once i got ONE component finally removed it.. I accidently drop it and the whole thing shut itself down... along with my hand with it! Special advise:: When repairing an item.. MAKE SURE THE DAMN THING IS TURNED OFF ;_;!

no matter how many times he tried, He is always getting a rejection noticed... AND is now banned.. Yeah this is a tribute moment when whenever you add the right password, you always get an message saying it's the wrong passcode. THIS is that moment!

IF demitri can't wish anything, maybe his friend can?

Yeup, now he knows what it is!

It seems Crystal wasn't to far off  ( Just what the heck is inside those boxes?). Yes I am aware it taken four pages to get to this, but it was originally three when i had to add more content >_>! from the previous pages.. unless you count the first page as page 0 >_>!?.. maybe?.. other than that, Asriel is here to save the day... now he wants an explanation!

Two powerful genies now at the hands of this person, and yet this one guy is there to save them. Who could it be?

Wow, it seems those stones finally took a hold of their consciousness. Demitri needs to rethink of  a a plan soon!

What could Serif ever be planning. Something about those Stones don't match up, but the most interesting thing is Crystal is hiding something!

Like serif said, The girls have been recently awaken. Their bodies are out in the world, but their minds are like baby chicks trying to comprehend what the outside world is now. What was once fantasy and wonders is now replaced by technological achievements.

well this seems unexpected, When one person demands of something with an insult, the response will be nearly the same without thinking. Yes She loves to over think this but in truth, a person asking a question or "to demand" is something you can't do without their vessels.