Rottytops, The lost Soul
Deep within the village of lost soul lies a wonderful charming girl. Her appearance is somewhat familiar but it only takes a hint to realized who she really was.
“Rottytops- the lost soul, is soul version from her Zombie form. To this day, shantae still considered her as a great friend
Files contain the Following
– Term Emblem
– Rottytops Soul Vessel
– Rottytops ( human ) Avatar

Shantae Snake Princess Djinnification

Ariel, The little Mermaid
A magical mermaid, gifted with such a beautiful voice. Her ideal looks and empowerment shows how amazing this timeless tale of a legend became one of the most beloved mythical creatures.
“Ariel – the little mermaid is still one of the most popular princess ever
Files contain the Following
– Term Emblem
– Mermaid Pearl (Relic Vessel)
– Ariel Avatar

Jeannie of the Jim Beam Bottle
A Beautiful woman who was released from a long journey’s Sleep. Jeannie is the definitive ideal female Genie that has ever made since. Granted she is charming and whimsicle in every way, she is also the only one that can be entitled “Jeannie girl”. 
Jeannie has two birthdays, “April 1st 64 B.C and “July 1st 21 B.C “
Files contain the Following
– Term Emblem
– The Jim beam Bottle (Relic Vessel)
– Jeannie Avatar

Kim of the Devotion Bottle
Kim, A once, proud beautiful model, now became a genie to anyone who holds her vessel. Her Beauty and smile is enticing and hard to resist. Somehow, when all is done after her release, she does offer more than just “wishes”
Whenever someone see’s her they usually label her as “Aphrodite’s affection “ but many usually see’s her as “The Devoted follower “
Files contain the Following
– Term Emblem
– The Devotion Bottle (Relic Vessel)
– Kim Avatar

Keba of the Sacred Bottle
Keba, once a proud beautiful mermaid empress, and now reduce nothing more than a mere Slave bride to anyone who holds her vessel. Her Beauty radiance like no other and her Loyalty is highly devoted to her owner, both Atrustic / Malice their heart reigns. 
Some called her “The Enchanting Venus” while others named her “The Slave bride”.
Files contain the Following
– Term Emblem
– The Sacred Bottle (Relic Vessel)
– Keba Avatar

Jynn of the Glass lamp
Unlike most genies, Jynn is a mysterious and yet powerful genie who can create vessels using the finest and rarest materials that has ever existed of the cosmos. Her personality is somewhat ill-tempered with a hint of charisma and hard-working, nicknamed “The Strawberry’s Flame”.
Files contain the Following
– Term Emblem
– The Glass Lamp (Relic Vessel)
– Jynn Avatar

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