Info Seeker
Name: Jessica
Age:: 1,800
Hair:: Black 
Eyes: Brown / Gold
Occupation: Wishmaker
Interest:  ??
Home: ???
Owner:: Demitri Scaramanga


She’s very very smart but fairly naive and not very wise. She’d be able to answer any technical questions (like what does this crystal do, how do weathers work, etc.) and if she doesn’t know she’ll want to research until she finds out. However, her naivety can be frustrating when issuing a command she does not know about and tries her best of her knowledge to understand in her own unique way.

Daily Life::
Her curiosity tends to get the better of her making it easy to trick her. For example, if left alone with a box she’ll definitely have to open it even if she thinks it might be a trap. If she doesn’t know what something is or does she’ll want to play with it until she figures it out.