A game about taking ownership of another's character. Choose your fate of one of many wishmakers from around the world.


Buried within the sands of egypt, lies hidden treasures and untold stories of once of long ago.


Deep in the Ocean lies a hidden realm where Merfolk and sirens are hidden.

Symphony of Witches

hexes and curses are now leashed upon the outer realm. Control the fate of the world for those who were once mistreated. Genies and mermaids can Cast wishes, but Witches can also cast wishes as well, for a price!


Now another country is inserted in the mix for superiority. Control new types of magical trap cards as it claims to have a mind of it's own


New sets of treasures for the one who shall be crowned with royalty. With this new feature, take your once beloved cards and upgraded their abilities to their fullist!


With the release of the webcomic, NEW characters are now introduced along with some old fan favorites.

Lampmaker (+18)

Dedicated to a story about a young man who has the power to turn women into genies. (NSFW MUST BE 18 years to enter)

Divinity (+18)

The fate of a Slave bride is now in your hands, controlling them is just only the start. (NSFW MUST BE 18 years to enter)


A wonderous archive of wish makers unlocking their full power.


Special Edition Cards Only available on certain events

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Djinni Fanatic
Djinni Fanatic
August 7, 2021 7:28 pm

The links seem to have expired and the files aren’t available. Is there a possibility to update or upload the files again?