Name: Demitri Scaramanga
Age:: 22
Hair:: Black / Oriental Blue
Eyes: Blue / Hazel
Occupation: Illustrator
Interest: Technology / Crafting
Home: Dubai Marina / Princess Tower

Behaviour: Somewhat moderate extroverted, He is very open to anyone with open arms and often likes to talk about his ideas and imagination and share it with others. Whenever someone is feeling down, he is there to give them comfort. 
He does get agitated when he is feeling immensely stressful and whenever something bothers him, he usually keeps things to himself without letting anyone know about his issues.

Daily Life::
Demitri works Incredibly hard that he barely has any time to find any happiness throughout his life. Whenever he has free time, he usually likes to create things from drawing on a sketch pad to using recycled parts. Despite he has a few friends, none of them is locally around to support him.