There are many folks I admire, from sailor moon to pokemon, but the one series I never caught on was dragon ball. If it werent for team four star, and dragonball super, I wouldn't be the fan I am today. I grew up with friends who always touted this, and my only response was who were they and how important it is they influence such grand imagination.   This artwork is hachimitsu in her super form, While I never met the person in my entire life, he did made me inspired me to create something amazing and fantastic with the sheer awesomness of it's visual effects from the movies and original tv series. Thank you so much akira toriyama for being an amazing person you are

The Virtual genie convention returns for its 3rd anniversary. If your an artist or a streamer or a storyteller about your original character that can grant wishes, then feel free to join in. There will be Gaming, art, streaming, and loads of fun activities. Link will be updated shortly

Ever feel sad and alone, and wanted to talk to one of the wishmaker characters?, or RP with them..well I have some wonderful news to you. Introducing's Genie Crystal.  Whenever you feel down and upset, or wanted to see how to interact one of the characters of wishmakers, then behold, Crystal. A Lustful Genie who is willing to do almost anything to repay for her release.

That concludes chapter 6....I know the updates are not as well maintained but it is difficult being a single artist handling all the work. I have help from saphaia so that is a huge wonder as he helped moderate the webpage and such. This final page is a huge special thanks to my friend takkunder and his Character, "jinnese".