Life is hard when someone says to you that you don't deserve such wonderful nice things. I worked very hard on most times and I usually deserve something of a reward in the end, like hot showers, or a nice meal. Demitri is one of those instances when someone pushes you down, another will come by to help you get back up.

demitri has been having some hard times and he often get worried so much.

The new update seems more rivalry is happening

Two pages were missing..I apologized in advance!

Two pages were missing..I apologized in advance!

WERE BACK... Sorry for the long hiatus, but it was necessary after completing so many commissions.

Happy Year of the Moo everyone

Re-uploading this but I swear I will get this resolved as soon as possible

new chapter NEW year!

If you paid attention, you will understand why from the beginning of the chapter! It isn't about the part where All items are cursed... it's the part where it all happened!