♫ Jingle all, the way ♫

All, Moo is soo happy when she sings to (Recordable audio animatronic) parrots! ever get those wonderful childful days when you go to a mall and sing to them?. and then all of a sudden.. they sing you while you pass by? yeah this is a nice page to tribute to the talking parrot....except that last one... thats a crow >_>!.......apparently another guy must have been there!

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Admiring the festivities

please note, despite this chapter will not be colored, I am under the process of moving away from my home. It is a difficult step for me and my family to leave this once wonderful place and now venturing off to a realm where it is difficult to adjust to a new living place. I will try and post as many wonderful news as possible but until then please please please ;_;! Try to understand that This place isn't safe anymore.

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Since Demitri isn't very acknowledgeable to the term, it takes a small fine line of an example to showcase what she meant by that! case in point. a hostess snack!... The fun texture on the outside... GOEEY creaminess on the inside!

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