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Showcase the characters that appear in the story
– The story so far
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fan works from wonderful and talented artists
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– various links to websites that is genie relate
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  1. willis

    cool new announcement man, and awesome new page.

    1. hachimitsu

      UHM… that was for those who actually wanted to subscribe the page ^_^!.. it’s a work in progress sadly ;_;!

      1. willis

        oh. still, it’s absolutely beautiful.

        1. hachimitsu

          Thank you ;_;!.. I just found out this website doesn’t have a subcribe button so thanks to jenny and atrax, I finally manage to add one!

          1. Atraxamillion

            Thanks hachi, I got the email to work so hopefully others can follow

          2. willis

            you’re most welcome my friend. and i love your Wishmakers comic.

          3. hachimitsu

            Thank you
            Will, means alot ;_;

          4. willis

            you’re welcome my friend.

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