Unfulfilled Wish

It is hard to fulfill people’s requests. Some were harsh.. and some were severe!
This one genie girl your seeing, Is a genie but doesn’t have the capabilities of wish-granting powers.

There are many types of genies that can cast wishes, while others are unfortunate to have that ability.

This is one genie I want to introduce but couldn’t find a perfect example.
Crystal is one of them but that will be told another time!

THIS SCENE.. has happened to me before… time and time again….
And it shows you..
Some promised works, never get a chance to be fulfilled!

Rest assure.. I vow to bring her some happyness, but for now.. she and I are grieving in different ways.
She cannot cast magic.. and I cannot move my hands very well v_v.

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  1. willis

    I oughta punch that silver haired bitch for treating the genie like that. as for the crying genie, I’d treat her with kindness and respect.

  2. Jenny

    I have to imagine that a lot of the clientele that goes to this palace that auctions genies off as commodities, are usually smug bags that only care for “free” labour or are self-serving jerks.

    Also that just because someone is bounded to an object, that doesn’t mean they can grant you whatever you can imagine. I hope that Demitri can save his harem from these people in time.

  3. Richto115

    My dearest Scarlet…

  4. Ophidiophile

    Turn the wisher into a solid gold statue. That should fulfill all three wishes.

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