Dying wish

Just last night..She passed away after falling from 13 ft of stairs. She was an old dog, and a good one for giving someone to hug when times are hard. Thank you for those who understand this pain and I hope I can be strong to draw again. I need some time to Grieve now.

(update: sorry I forgot to add the 1 from 13 feet)

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  1. Atraxamillion

    I am so sorry for your loss, hachi. Please take some days off okay?
    You already have done so much.

  2. ChalkArtist1216

    So sorry for your loss. My dog Comet passed away six years ago and I still think about him nearly every day, so I know the feeling. Take all the time you need to grieve, my friend.

  3. Terry

    Our doggies are like our kids. They are always there, usually underfoot, always wanting a good rub or a treat, always up for a walk, and always loving us-even when we don’t feel like we deserve such immense love. My Frank passed a few years ago. I still miss him intensely and find myself talking to him and reaching to p-et him….only to find him gone. Despite all I have read and been told, the grief really does not get any less over time, it just becomes more normal. God bless you both, when you go beyond the vale, your little doggie will be there waiting for you and so happy to see you again. T.

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