Introducing two new characters but they won’t appear as often as you think for now. Reason I am adding these two is because they play huge importance to the auction. Once again I apologized for the late post!

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  1. Saphaia

    Aha! I know one of them!

  2. TheHappySultan

    Is that noir I see?

  3. anonymous

    I’ve seen her in one of the arts you had

  4. Saphaia

    What the hell, people. Do any of y ou negative nancies have something better to do than this? Or are you just that sad that you have to spread some negative bullshit here. Not cool.

  5. anonymous

    Thank goodness the negative comments are gone.

    1. Saphaia Nefertiti

      We are going to be more vigilante on dealing with the negative comments. 🙂

  6. Richto115

    Well well well…Long time no see Noire.

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