By the time you read this message it will become too late to say happy birthday properly ( late ones are okay). I barely have any presents and I noticed my age has gotten slightly Older. I always live through and whenever I look back I get very depress only focusing on the failures and never my successes. Happiness is difficult when you’re getting older and older and friends have their own lives. This is the first time I felt sad and alone and the only people who wished me personally are my family. Those who submit texts are welcome, just be nice and always know that I try my hardest to appease to everyone these days v_v…

There is one wish I always wanted to have.. and no matter how many times I blow the candle each year, the result always becomes the same… This time I am wishing something different and it’s something I really wanted more than just….well… I think the comic is self-explanatory.. and’s not a genie.. but it’s what people kept asking me A LOT I should have in life!

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