Cereal awakening

Tadaa introducing the Genie of the cereal bowl. 1 out of 1,000,000 chance to receive one!

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    1. Atraxamillion

      well, yeah?
      I wanna see more genie girls!

    2. Atraxamillion

      I want more girls, more mishaps, more boobs and a moment of bliss of satisfaction

      1. hachimitsu

        I get it, I get it!….
        You want more “just deserts” right XD?
        No worries

    3. Miche77e

      This is the first time I see a Pigtail hairstyle genie.

      1. hachimitsu

        That is lady gaga.. wait.. That isn’t lucky… Who the heck is this guy!?

  1. Andrew

    Well, we had a milk elemental, so a cereal elemental is not bizarre. Betting this one has similar origins

    1. Marcell

      I don’t know, I keep thinking she is more of the “Free prize” that comes with every cereal.

  2. Aleksej

    You girls look gud.
    sory english not gud!
    (From Slovenia)

  3. willis

    I KNEW that a new character would arrive in the story.

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