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Cereal boxed

It seems Crystal wasn’t to far off  ( Just what the heck is inside those boxes?). Yes I am aware it taken four pages to get to this, but it was originally three when i had to add more content >_>! from the previous pages.. unless you count the first page as page 0 >_>!?.. maybe?..
other than that, Asriel is here to save the day… now he wants an explanation!

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  1. Okay, why can’t I leave a comment here at all!?

    1. Wait i though you can still leave a comment?

      1. Well it’s being buggy with me it seems. I’ve tried over 10 times to leave a comment last night and it wouldn’t accept it even when I filled all the requirements. And apparently it accepted the one I made out of frustration. }:C

        Anyways, I was commenting on Demitri’s top being inconsistent. It went from being a tee shirt to a long sleeve during this scene. He had the time somehow to change his clothes?

        1. Crap, I forgot he was wearing a shirt.
          thank you so much for pointing this out.. Been working really hard on alot of works lately…I don’t know how much I miss on this!

          really am sorry ;_;!

  2. (Superman theme plays)

  3. Those are some seriously OLD boxes of what? Military grade Honey Puffed Rice Cereal? And now the fun begins. Lovely artwork, very interesting story line.

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