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their turn

Wow, it seems those stones finally took a hold of their consciousness. Demitri needs to rethink of  a a plan soon!

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  1. What will happen to try to save these characters. How will the day be saved? Of course they talk about the divine nature. Now the question is what to do.

  2. I know who is supposed to be the bad guy here, and that the good-guys are going to inevitable and variably win (or at least the villains won’t get they want) but there is something beautiful about this in the escape of a fictional setting, “only purpose is to serve” and ‘purity of purpose’ ‘purity of meaning.’

  3. Oh man, I can just hear the icy venom in Demitri’s voice at the end there.

  4. Where can I get a Full image of this?

  5. I know this is selfish to ask but, Can you Please leave moo like this?
    That way she doesn’t have to see the ugly world we live in

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