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Awe, Moo is so cute and adorable when she tries to explain things. if anyone deserves a hug, I am sure will appreciate to give one..just.. not the way you think it seems >_>

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  1. So I’m curious.

    Does she have the ability to say other words or does she only have the ability to say moo?

    Or is this a tactic?

    I’m greatly curious

    1. “I am Groot”

  2. Okay, theory, I have been thinking on the context, reading between the lines, etc. Moo is saying that she is the embodiment of milk and dairy, created from the noble bovine, and as such her vessel is that of anyone with develop figure/capable of giving milk, much like this well endowed female before her. Or rather her ……. you get the idea

    1. O_o. That …that was almost on point…. how? I mean no one was supposed to figure this out til like. How?

      1. Like I said, really good at reading between the lines.

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