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Wish granted

Okay, This is an entirely new concept for making a wish come true! But what does this have to do with milk!?…
Well, Crystal knows what she has to do.. the problem is she doesn’t understand what she is doing, it’s like saying your going to your friend’s house. You don’t know the address, but you do know where it is located!

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  1. Sounds to me like Crystal is summoning another genie. Also that Crystal doesn’t get that Dmitri wants *Crystal* to be his bride.

    Also that if this would cross over to I Dream of Another Jeanie Bottle, Crystal might be summoning Agent Anderson.

    So how about my two Amazing Crackpot Plot Theories? There may be many more to come…

  2. What i’m seeing is beautiful, but I don’t see a means to navigate to the other comics which I know must be there.

    1. Which other comics?. I stated that wishmakers will be the only comic to be made.

  3. I think he means the previous panels for this comic. There isn’t an icon for that unless you go into Chapters and navigate to this panel.

    1. Yeah it should be noted that i tried my
      Very best to make this site from wordpress. Everyone else has used the eisel variation while mines is more ocean wp instead (theme setting). There are other comics but as i stated before, all my old files webcomic links have been removed. So dont expect to see the djinnification sections appearing anytime soon.

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