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allergic reactions

Okay.., how many remember Orange juice?…..a few?..okay how many remember soda?..okay a lot of people raised hands.. NOW how many remember purple stuff?…. okay I see a few, OKAY Then. THIS SHOULD give a hint about that 90’s commercial!…..wait.. What do you mean you don’t know that!?

special notes: this was a response on the number of artworks I have done and it is exhausting, usually the only method to ease this is washing dishes.. or just leaving it on warm hot water to relax!

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  1. Really? XD.
    You couldn’t resist could you. LOL.

  2. Is the water freezing or steaming?

    1. Boiling actually, since crystal is not sure what she is doing.

      It is kinda like dry ice where you hold something that looks cold but burns to a degree that feels hot!

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