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Good Morning

You gotta admit, for a girl who values life, she is one of a kind. 

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  1. Yep she’s the perfect waifu. The eggs are ready, there is milk to be drank, and she is waiting for him to wake up. LOL

  2. Now…I can’t help but wonder.

    It’s her tail. What are the rules regarding it? She started off with a smokey-flesh tail when first emerging from the bottle, but then she had the ‘blue jelly’ tail she’s known for, so I originally wrote it off as her not fully manifesting at first. But now she’s back to the smokey-flesh tail.

    1. Normally i would say its her emotions for satisfiying ones needs, on the other hand. Blending blue with yellow became a problem. Thats why you see her tail not blue but a freaking blured glow from it

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