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Stay with me

It seems demitri has tried his best to ask for his wish, but turns out that his injuries took out the best of him!

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  1. Down he goes. Least he had a soft landing.

    1. yeah.. demitri has lost so much blood that he couldn’t get his wish in time ;_;!

  2. She has arrived and she has made an impact. Congratulations. You’ve gotten this far. You’ll do well.

  3. You say weekly updates: to clarify, does that mean any time during the week or do you have a set day of the week for updates?

    1. It means every week there should be an update but I do hope and plan i get a chapter done every monthly. If possible v_v

      1. Looking forward to it! I mean, technically, he DID make a wish before zonking out in her cleavage: “Stay with me.” If that takes…

        1. You would think that but noticed he is not holding the bottle for that.

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