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The Wishmaker in a bottle

Okay, This was a huge huge ambition to make 15 pages in ONE single night. I wanted to thank my friends for their support and fans for making this far. Chapter one is now complete!… I know it’s impolite to rush things, but I really want to have her appearance sooner, than later! I hope you enjoy this page the most because it’s not as epic as the previous two but it’s difficult to have such beauty radiant like the shinning Star!

So happy I finally got this page accomplished ;_;!

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  1. Your welcome man.
    And it all looks great.

  2. The story is getting pretty interesting!
    Can’t wait for the next chapter! 😀

  3. nicely done bud, looking forward to where it goes from here

  4. That is the most beautiful image of a genie girl appearing out of her vessel.

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