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This has been a favourite for me to enjoy, he has a noble heart a good sense of reliability and he always values anything and anyone. The name Scaramanga is obvious from a very famous James Bond villain; “Francisco Scaramanga”. Also, I loved his weapon of choice which is a combination from a cufflink, a cigarette lighter and a fountain pen. 
The name Demitri however, is kinda something only a few friends know, and It was taken from the great hit musical animated movie, “Anastasia”.

There were many remade variations of him over the past 20 years but the hair style was inspired by Taichi “Tai” kamiya from Digimon and Sora from kingdom hearts.

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    1. Hachimitsu

      Thank you so much reese. After doing jeaniebottle, I sure hope i can finally begin working on telling a story

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